The Crows nest!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Part 2 of the walkers tail.

Yule is a creeping up I would like to give a bit of clarification the walkers tail is about Obi not me well it is about me, but my relationship with my faithful teenage mutt Obi. My wardrobe is changing to the winter outfits as each week gets colder and colder and wet every morning its wet, I got waterproof boots, trousers and jacket not to mention my gloves, hat, but for some reason Obi has nothing! This must change, this year I am determined to get Obi his own boots and Jacket, not that he needs it he is after all a Tibetan terrier and is built for the really cold weather snow and wind.
But the difference is its snow he can cope with he hates rain, and Mud, and it takes ages to dry him off when he been on the fields, and he gets so upset when his paws are full of mud. He will spend ages scratching on the door mat which looks like its been chewed to hell and back, but its not fair on him to suffer for the sake of a pee and poo and a walk in the Essex countryside.
The only draw back of the UK weather is the amount of soft ground, there are no roads where I stay and what little road there is, is no good for walking car’s tend to speed through our area, it might be 30mph but more likely cars speed at over 50mph + on a regular basis, so our only alternative is the wet ground of the fields, now that summer is gone, we can only wait till the ground hardens after Yule.
Till then I need to find away to protect his big hairy paws, in fact if you take his hair away he actually a little skinny dog, lol he loves his hair its his pride and joy, thought try combing him if he don’t want it and it’s a fighting match he becomes a Jedi, a bit like Yoda fighting Christopher Lee’s baddy in the Star wars movies, and I can hazard a guess who the baddie is umm yeah me!
The thing is Obi is so hairy, its not too difficult to get him in a state, on one occasion, when we were walking over the back of the fields, he ran thinking he could walk on water, umm no and went for a dip in thick green sludge, it took nearly 2 baths/showers to get the shit out of him and a week to get rid of the smell, even with a Jacket or booties on it would have been no different but least he not do that again in a hurry?
Umm nope he did it two weeks later, again two baths/showers and another week or so to get rid of the smell, and lots of back off smelly dog.
The only upside to that is you can fart and it could not smell as bad as he did, but I found out from other owners that dog’s loved the smell of the bog as well, and that a fair few had made that self same trip, in to smelly heaven, the things dogs find attractive would make you puke that’s for sure Obi has rolled in shit dog, fox and rabbit.
What might smell horrid to us and like a well matured Cheddar to them, and being Obi is my first dog, I would not change it for the world but god, they do some really disgusting things I quite sure you my readers could add to this, if so then do tell, I love to know what to watch out for in the coming years I have with Oberon aka smelly dog.


  1. I love the photos and stories of Obi's antics .... I am sure he will look very dashing in his boots and jacket! xx

  2. I sure he will Anni thanks for you lovely comment so very welcomed and thank you for your continued support of my blog, your a star xxx