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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ok I admit it I’m a casual blogger a month or more can pass before I blog, well there is several reasons for this!

1.I hate to keep moaning it seems that for the past few months all I want to do is moan about this and that and not really have anything positive to say.
2. I had an operation that really thrown me aback quite a bit, mostly worry which ties a bit up with number1 reason
3. Not much has happened over the past few months well anything that I want to moan about that is.

A few nice things have happened, to make me feel a bit different and more upbeat, for one I applied to a Paranormal group way last year and a few weeks ago I got an email from the boss of the group asking me if I still wanted to join, well does a bear shit in the woods I think to myself and promptly send off an email saying yes I still do, I get an email back telling me when and where, and as sure as life there is a problem!

Its on a Sunday and I don’t have transport to get the bloody place, I send a hasty if some what begging email back asking could it be changed to the Saturday telling them that I don’t have transport, I get one back saying that they can’t but when I get wheels they will rearrange a informal interview, feeling a bit dejected I have to accept this, I have a little moan on Facebook and I get a text from my darling sister Nat who says I will take you, I have nothing on so we go up together, so its still on and the date is fast approaching.

The whole thing about wheels has always been a funny one, I was doing driving lessons in Brighton a year or so before I moved to Essex, I was so near my test, till my instructor decided to do a swan dive off the beachy head cliffs in Sussex, this really put me off from driving the instructors that they tried to fob me off with were no good.

Now I am with a new company a new start in Sunny old Essex a company I hope will take me to the test and pass me, this time I am leaving the gear shift lessons and going over to Automatic, I’m too old to be fobbing around with gears, and with my constant companion Oberon beside me I will need to keep one hand on him and the steering wheel no doubt lol.

Another thing which is making me feel excited yeah I’m excited lol wonders will never cease I been putting all my photos on Deviant Art linky thing below.
Come and visit me, I have so many photos on it now umm last count was 134 pictures ranging from just about everything Obi, birds, buildings, forests and graveyards.

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