The Crows nest!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wow it’s a new year and my first blog as well, things have been sorts good when I say sorts what I actually mean is good and bad but the good out weights the bad, well up un-till my heart operation, which is now only 5 days away.

Yule was nice I did do the family Dinner, but the new anti smoking drug was constantly making me feel sick, just the slightest burnt smell would make me feel like I wanted to vomit, so as everyone was tucking into there roast potatoes, stewed mix veg and Quarn mince pies, I was picking at it like a… anorexic Vulture! Wanting to eat but just can’t.

New year was a quite one for me and fox we went to bed at the back of 11pm laid in bed with Obi between us and listened to the fireworks from some people more in the Celebrating mood, only to be rudely awakened a couple of hours later, by people wanting to fight each other, Yep seeing the new year in with a bang well of sorts lol.

I got my new massage table which I am looking forward to being able to use, I have this Idea that I want to start to go around the Psychic fairs and tout my stuff, well Reflexology and Indian Head Massage, I feel I want to do more for myself during 2011 sorts of Al takes charge, in stead of Al follows wish me luck.


  1. Hey Alan, it's Barbara, Nicola's friend from America. I'm gonna wish you all the luck with your surgery that's coming up, and want you to know that positive thoughts and energies will be coming from all of us here as well. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Barbara how are you long time no see, I have Nicola staying with me at the moment eating me out of house and home lol.

    Hope and wish you all the best take care xxx

  3. I did not eat you out of house and home! The highland toffees were donated under suspicious circumstances!

  4. nice one hen circumstances should I call you Karl?

  5. Way to go i anser this exactly two months on. *proud*

    No because Karl will get confused becos i'm karl. You know i'm just gonna go fuck with karls head and call myself karl :P