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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Well here we are In Essex again

Well the move from Sunny Brighton to an even more sunny Essex was unlike Hollingbury less hetic and this time we had a week to move Hollingbury was done on the same day it nearly killed me, considering a short time later I would have a Heart attack due to stress and lousy living, smoking drinking and eating all the wrong stuff, not that much has changed since that faitful day, just now its more in moderaton in terms of if my wife foxy catches me I not need to have another heart attack she do the deed for me if you get my drift?

Well I'm in Roydon Essex in a temp home, not a bad place if you like watching the 6:10am Harlow to Liverpool street train thunder by! Yikes yeah I'd agree but you do know the brain is a funny ol thing dont ya? It blocks it out after a few days cause it recognizes the sound, not to mention the semll of the canal no more than 200ft away! but lets be honst if you think thats bad, compare it to what we left in Highfield, Chav's and a handful of a nutter this is bliss, yes bliss nothing more nothing less than sheer joy, for once I have listened to birds little birds not those massive seagulls, that stalk the skys in Brighton.

I'm on virgin mobile internet, which is all fair and dandy but the signal can do a Burton at times, I would like to add pictures for your delight but I cant or maybe i can but I am at heart a lazy bum so use your imagionation I'll get back to you on that one.

I even got a new phone but still as yet cant figure out if its me or the damn phone thats taking the micky over posting new blogs on here or not, I need a tecky to help me out any offers?

Anyway if someone reads this let me know if you do, I got muffins and lots of coffee going free :)

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