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Sunday, 10 May 2009

D-Day for Foxy!

It's a bright crisp Monday morning and in effect d-day for foxy, today is the day she finds out if she is to be made redundant! Not that she wants’ to be but circumstance and fate has pushed her in that direction.


For many years she has worked in the NHS as a councillor and healer, she can heal a troubled and tortured mind and soul, something she really has a knack of doing, being married to this woman for nearly 20 happy years, I can see the effect of dire management she has had to endure, the fights she has had to face mostly alone, she hates injustice at work, men and women that like leaches sucking the life out of the NHS where only the venerable and pained of mind and heart are left to rot, she is beside her self having to discharge people who are in need of help, for them its like starting over the process of healing, again trying to come to terms with what has happened again opening wounds that have already been opened, the management of the NHS like puppets for lofty high consultants who only wish power and status.


Our temp accommodation never seizes to amaze me, not only do we get the trains to and from London we got every type of aircraft provider known to man yesterday, all coming from Standstead airport I presume, some of them so low I could stick a match from its under belly!


As I write this now I can hear the twin jet turbines roar like banshee’s from the cheep Easy Jet heading of to some distant European destination, now for nearly two weeks since we moved in to Roydon I have not heard a single turbine, which makes me think that its all to do with security of some sort, changing the flight paths to dodge the taleban or some freaky middle eastern terrorist group? Who knows eek!


We went by the new house yesterday, and the more I see it the more I am looking forward to it, there is something to be said about living in a detached place, even thought its got a main road outside the front of the property which is ok cause it means that its well maintained and looked after it has a 30 mph restriction on it thought I wonder how many people keep to that speed? But what we did was travel along it from the solitary little shopping area right next door to our own new to be place of residence, it worried me I went to get a packet of crisps and they had every kind you like except for the ones I like of course, I’m so fussy, but enough rambling as I was waiting to be served some old guy puked up outside the shop his wife had to clean it up, now what was strange I did not offer to help! After all I was a nurse for nearly 20 years, I stood still and did nothing, this is very unlike me, normally I am a caring loving person, but for the life of me I looked the other way not wanting to get involved, as I left the shop I looked in the old guys direction he was sitting at his car, his palor rosy, I think if it was life threating I would have done something to help, we went for a short walk along the public trail near to our soon to be new house and had a look at the back of the garden un-over looked which is great we cherish privacy in our dwellings.


A shore drive later took us to Hatfield Heath and it nearly made us jump for Joy, why do I hear you ask? Its got a chippy and a coop a few pubs and a gun shop well I hope it’s a gun shop, I can finally get .22 ammo for my rifle.

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