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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Life’s a contradiction, well for me it is, every thing I see or even say theses days is a contradiction par excellence, foxy tells me that I’m Mr half glass empty but yet I have my moments of pure and utter clarity ok I might have the regular 3:35pm London Liverpool street flyer trundle by at earth shaking speed, its akin to living in a earthquake zone, although it might be a meagre 1.5 or something on the Richter scale, still it reminds me of those people that are less unfortunate to live in places that the fear of the earth opening up and swallowing them in a wave of earthly devastation.


Now for the low flying jumbo jets that are now a regular part of my life, the panic I had as I ate my Ludicrously tasty Crunchy nut cornflakes as a 747 was no more than 200ft over my head I realized that I don’t have a will, no one to give my collection of SG1 DVD’s to or my train set to, So now like a manic I wrote up a will giving all my earthly belongings to Oxfam, my rather brilliant sister and her mad bf John my computers.


I been in this temp accommodation for nearly 2 weeks now and I have spent so much time just channel flicking and when I can be arsed do the cleaning up and putting away the sofa bed which we been relegated to our large hand carved bed dismantled and laying in one of the two rooms stacked to the roof with our stuff.


The sofa bed is so flipping uncomfortable to lay Foxy me and Zak the dog, thought he’s a small dog (Tibetan terrier), his fat arse takes up all the room so we both having to do the foetal possession at night and in retrospect that’s why I tend to spend time on the settee as much as possible before I crawl into bed and try to stretch out pushing Zak as far as possible down our make shift bed.


Well Foxy had her meeting with the wicked witches of the NHS yesterday and was told that she would be made redundant, which is a relief as she was worried that she be pushed into a dead end job, but then that is the power of having a Union to back you up, so a big thanks to Mr Silly (not real name for legal reasons) for doing his job in protecting my darling wife, as for the dim wit managers of her NHS place of work, I hope you have an interesting life!


Yes that’s a curse peeps and one that has real merit and power, I feel its right to curse such people they are not interested in helping others only them self’s and there damn statistics of how much money they are saving the government

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