The Crows nest!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ground control to Major Arr

Ground control to Major Arr, Ok I aren’t been gone that long well just over two weeks, Fox had her first Annual leave from St Thingamajig bobs (sorry she likes her place of work secret, but she works or councils Cancer sufferers these days)

And when she is off, I tend to take a break from the computer except for emails and searching for stuff, like new wall paper, paint, skirting boards, beds, yep you got it its house decoration time since we moved from Brighton its been all work and no play which is bum if you ask me.

We had all these plans to do things and go places for days out but it never happened, for one the weather was completely shit, for the last week of her holiday it rained rained and when it could do noting more it rained again.

But on the up side, Oberon is doing just fine, thought there has been one very lucky escape for him a miss understanding between me and fox meant that he slipped his lead and escaped out of the front door and decided to pay a visit to the other side of the road with on coming traffic lucky it was one of those lull moments or he be one squashed puppy, cars had to screech to a halt in order to miss him.

Three times he dashed back wards and forwards me in close pursuit of the scampering giggling Pirate, and to this day I don’t know how we caught him, he’s so fast on his furry white paws, I’m just glad we got him, I think I would have had a heart attack and just die there on the pavement.

He been some what of a bundle of hormones, his nuts have dropped, I can feel his eyes and loins on my leg, I think its coming to the time for that visit to the Vet’s and have our Obi’s nuts chopped off.

OMG!!!!! I could almost scream at him a few days ago, he had something in his mouth, munching away as if he just had the best curry you could ever get, I could see it was dark brown and looked a bit hard like a rather thick beef and tripe sausage, he swaggers up to me and smiles (Tibetan terriers do this all the time when they are happy)

Just in time to see the remnants of what he was chewing and salivating over sliding down the back of this throat, reaching down to give him a stroke I smell poo from his breath.

OMFG!!!! Not only did he have a starter he went back for dinner, supper and a chewy snake, now I always clean up after Obi I hate the site of dog shit on my lawn, so regularly clear it up, just in case we have visitors since we moved back to Essex we get lots of visits from Fox’s family, and hate them having to dodge the dog toffee.

But as the days progress I discover that it not only Obi that haves a poo in the garden but a large black and white cat as well, and seems to feel attracted to our Red Robin tree, the only tree we brought with us from Brighton, so not only do I have to clean up after my pirate chum I have to clean up after the ship cat as well!

My computer is so old now its claiming an old age pension well it should be, so with baited breath and lots of trawling the cheep end of the market and managers specials in the local industrial estates that Essex is famous for and with the princely sum of just over £300 squid well can I get a computer for that? And would I be able to play World of Warcraft? Will Twitter actually catch up with me, when I was writing tweets I had finished my tweet but the computer was still on the 3rd word it was that slow.

Well I did get a base only deal, I got a monitor I got from my darling sister 20inch tft, and the new puter is a Windows7 (I like lots) AMD Athlon 11x4 620 quad core processor, (salivating) Nvidia GeForce 9200, (wow here I come) 320gig hd (the inter nets for porn) 3gig DDR2 Memory, super DVD malti drive and its got HDMI as well not bad for under £300 quid eh!

Now I’m a bit worried I got the dole tomorrow I been seeing the disability officer at Harlow Job centre for a few months now, and they found me a job, but the problem is I lost all the information from a phone call I had with a woman from Focus a disability organization that deals with people who are health wise challenged, and the damn thing is I liked the sound of the job it was only 16hours a week and working at a desk at the local nut house, or to be correct the emotionally challenged centre, and I cant even remember the name of the bloody place as well, I’m royally screwed.

All I can remember is the name of the woman that works at the place I cant remember and her name is Lisa, there can’t be that many people with that name in Essex?

I’m so scattered brained, that even Obi has a laugh at my antics on a daily basis and since everything is fair game I think he might have got his chops around the slip of paper with the email addy and information and its long since went down his neck and out his arse.


  1. ha ha poop munching dog! They tend to do that alot! You could get rid of all the poop in the world but the dog will always find a log! Whahahaa!

  2. OMG! A Log of all things, yeah he is on a short leash at the moment lol