The Crows nest!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sheering News!

Out walking Oberon today, I bumped in to Bernie from next door, he been hard at it doing his patio for the past week, I get on well with him, and both of us have heart problems, and from time to time talk health, but today we talked crime, yeah its happened again another property has be ran sacked by some hoodlums, this time it was no little property it was one of the larger houses, on our street as its called are some really hefty homes, the type you see in Hollywood, the house in question was not alarmed, how stupid is that?

And it has dogs! My god those buggers are noisy, and yet it did not deter the light fingered thief, so it just goes to show no mater how big or how unfriendly the dogs are, who ever it is, are very determined to get in, its always during the day, so the dogs could be locked away, the dogs in question are Lab’s so not built for aggression, but bark a lot.
When fox gets home from her work she going to freak, we have yet to install our alarm, I know we got our cctv but what good is that to someone who could to all intents and purposes were a mask or cover his head?

I had to take a trip into Harlow today to sign on, and had a quick dash around the Harvey centre, and there was a Essex Police stall in the centre I had a quick word with one of the officers and asked about a crime prevention officer, they took my details and promised that someone would be in contact shortly keeping fingers crossed that un-savouries eyes do not look in this houses direction.

Now for another bit of Sheering news, and like the last blog it’s about poo! Yeah it never seems to go away only this time its not about Obi eating the stuff, people have been complaining that when they walk on the fields, people just let there dogs shit all over the place and make no attempt to clear it up, I do agree this is a problem not only for the health and well being of dogs and shoes, its unsightly as well seeing a massive dog turd just smiling at you as you walk around the country side listening to the birds sing, and the sweet smell of Fido’s culinary delights plastered to your left shoe.

Now the reason I brought this up, is because of a dim wit of a woman in the general store made a comment about Obi and well of course me…

Mrs Turd: Oh! Leslie, you know that Guy next door?
Leslie: You mean in V?
Mrs Turd: yes him I think it’s his dog that shits all over the path and walkways.
(Now Leslies face goes red, she can see me standing with my fresh morning rolls)

Now Kudo’s to Leslie, she gives a classic response to her question, why don’t you ask him yourself he’s standing right behind you?

Mrs Turd apologises to Leslie and scampers out the door with my booming voice behind her, I always clean up after my dog thank you very much.

As the door slams shut, Leslie bursts into fits of laughter I must admit I found it quite funny as well, now for the sake of being a nice resident of Sheering I will not tell you her name, but simply we will from now on call her Mrs Turd.


  1. Neighborhood characters...we all have them don't we? And we all have names for them...

  2. Ha ha :P I bet the poop left there has been going on for years!!!!! and because you are new to the area they think let's blame them. I would have said "You would know if it's me!!! I'd leave it outside your front door!!! in a bag set alight!!!" ahahahaa

  3. Too true Pat, I'm sure I got a few new names that I will find out in the years to come lol