The Crows nest!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Well its been two weeks since my last confession as a Catholic shirt stealer would day, my Uncle Tom said this many years ago to me when I was but a nipper.

Noting much of Interest has happened well when I say nothing much just little things, on the Thursday of last week my front door rings and cause I can see from my cctv who’s there, before my eyes stand two really angelic women, neatly dressed and figures that would give America’s top Model a run for there money, so intrigued I answer the door only to have the Watch tower shoved in my face by two smiling god’s own right hand girls, best thing to do is sorry I’m quite happy with my religion and send them on there way if it was men I would abuse them, sorry I just hate people coming to my door out of faith and not friendship.

I’ve really done my self proud this week I done so much work in the back garden mowing the lawn doing the edges and fixing up the beer table thought its took a full 4 days to do it and play world of Warcraft at the same time, its done even filled up our fountain, and much to the amusement and bewilderment of Obi, he’s taken to drinking out of the fountain funny guy every day he does something even more stupid or just down right funny.

I’m going to the Arthur Findley College Standstead Hall on the 30th of April for the day to see Tony Stockwell give a demonstration as well as teach medium skills, its being treaded as an open day, I wonder how they will take to me, being a biker, just hope its not a problem like sensitive people are these days, I remember many years ago, I was walking around a what you would call a new age meeting wearing my biker leathers, I like black not that I’m a dark lover or anything like that, it was all I could get from shops at the time, and being a bike rider you have to think of safety first.

Some woman at a stall took an instant dislike and commented on why I was wearing black, cause I’m a devil worshiper and work, and walk a dark path, Is that right babe? So it’s not dawned on you my clothing is to do with riding a bike? Its better to wear leather than cotton on a bike, don’t you think leather is warmer riding at 60mph around the countryside?

But I did shut her up with a well aimed put down now you must pick your timing just right with a good put down and being me I’m the best at it.

Several people are paying attention to me and her arguing over the rights and wrongs of colour my timing is impeccable So babe before you take the splinter of wood out of my eye first take the plank out of your own, smile and walk away as she trying to over come the shock, and the verbal kick in the fanny!

I think I learned something from mum concerning paying bills you know electric, gas, phone and the hated Council tax or Pox tax as me and fox calls it. Paying any bill just makes me cringe particularly the pox tax, its like giving money to abusers and yeah the government are the biggest abusers of all.

Now I have my mum’s attitude towards bills just don’t pay them till the red letter slips through the door, not that don’t want to pay I just like to keep them waiting, my mum was a wee horror when it came to paying bills she would shove the un opened bill under her seat, one day looking for pennies we were so poor, I found all the unpaid bills stacked up like it was a paper model of K2, when I challenged her about it: she just shrugged her shoulders and said, Oh well!

Well its two weeks since I last posted anything on my blog its been quite busy the nice weather has played a part big time done just about everything in the garden bringing it up to scratch mowing the law for the second time, it looks so much neater now that it did after its first cut.

While walking Obi around the field I have noticed that the farmer has put up an electric fence around the perimeter of one of his fields its no more than a foot and a half high, with warnings attached at intervals now most people that walk the field are over 5foot dogs a little smaller, unless the warning is meant for rabbits and gnomes, I’m sure there’s a few fairies dotted around but they hide so well?

Obi has taken to drinking out of the Fountain, and it’s needing filled again after being only filled 2 weeks ago, I think it need to be realigned again to much spit over the side.

I got the Bum in the Mud in a few days I’m so excited the chance to see over 2000 bikes and bikers lots of bands, food and frolics and I get to meet the rest of my group the Rebel Smugglers.


  1. I've been aa for 2 weeks and look at all of your followers! you must have been doing some good PRing!

    Your right in making them wait. I very rarely open my bills eeekk, until I get a reminder that has to be signed form then I know its serious!!

  2. That group looks crap and phoney. Why don't you start a real one?