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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Some how 2010 has a good ring to it, I can’t clearly put my finger on it, It just does that’s all, well its been over a week since I last posted, considering I tend to post quite a large blog this time I am going right to the Jugular as Dracula would put it.

Well, My benefits are all fixed out I am getting money at last and back dated I would not accept anything less, and for all the tooing and throwing I have even been compensated, (Compensated makes me think of Ferengies) of the Princely sum of £100 for the balls up they did, now that’s what I call sticking to your guns, with the total help of Fox for writing the letter to the head of the DSS.

That aside, its been a busy and yet there were times of tribulation and spending money.

Just over a week ago, a very famous church in Sheering nearly burned down, St Mary’s in Sheering which is relatively close to where I stay, suffered very bad smoke damage, and a few of the pews got badly burned, its still unclear how it started but faulty wires were blamed, which is fine if you date back to the mid 12th century, being close I took Oberon for a walk to have a look,

surprised to see that the local radio station and BBC local telly was there to film and photograph the damage, it amazes me that the media is driven by disasters of sorts, you only need to look at Haiti to see how the media works, I find these people with out scruples or morals, its one thing to report something but its quite another to actually push your way around, its called public interest, I call it rude.

One BBC man said can you move I want this shot, I told him actually I stay here so you can wait, and proceeded to take my own photos, but its ok to photograph a building its quite another to actually photograph what is important.

I did not take many in fact I did not want photos of the building or the smashed windows, what was more interesting was laying on the ground, the smouldering pews and books, said more to me than what was in the building.

How many fingers have flicked though the books of worship, how many happy bums sat on what was left of the pews.

I got my self a new CCTV system yesterday it had come in double time from Maplins, So next week I be trying to wire it all in, and I have plans other than home security, I intend to start a sky watch 24/7 and as you know or don’t I believe in the existence of UFO’s

So I am going to dedicate one camera to be pointed across the field where I stay and record everything that goes on at night, Essex has a rich history of UFO’s so I am playing my little part in documentation of what goes on in and around my little hamlet of Sheering, which is great its wide open and very quite if you can forgive the constant traffic going from Harlow- Hatfield Broad Oak on a daily basis, but it tails of at night.

Which brings me on to what am I going to call a site that handles the video and information I have thought of Project Blue book if your in to UFO’s you know what that means, not original but a poke in the eye for the Americans.

One thing that’s getting on my nerves is in the papers at the moment all this John Terry stuff and his sacking of being captain of England football, my only question is do you really give a toss? I mean who really cares? Is it that important? Lets face it when England goes to the world cup, the focus will not be on the team but the fans as it always is, and the hope that a fight or riot kicks off, this my friends is the hope of the media, they want bad boys not glory, but they will take that if there’s nothing else to give.

British newspapers are driven by Chaos not Order, it seeks to sensationalize horror, apathy, hate, loss and disorder, its only motive is Lies, hate and bending of truth.

There is only 3 good things or 4 if your Scottish about newspapers!
1 Used for when you run out of toilet paper
2 Good for puppy peeing training
3 Good for a fire
4 To keep my chips warm (In Scotland only)

I been somewhat of a Net nut for the past few weeks, and telly addict as well, that comes from having a laptop/notebook sitting on my knees as I watch and tweet what I see, Not bad but going to bed at night, troubles me simply because I full my head of some sort of pending disaster and end of world scenario, like on History HD at the moment we have the Nostradamus effect, I have been following this program from the beginning and tapering it just in case I fall asleep before the end.

Yeah knowing my luck I would fall asleep as a meteor, earthquake, super volcano, Aliens, Nuclear, Polar shift, yadda yadda, hits, crashes and plunders the earth, not that we are at a disadvantage over some major catastrophes that have blighted our little ball of dirt from time to time.

I think what gets to me, is the gusto that the presenters pile no spew out all this information, Ok the Mayans were quite a brainy bunch of people and could not see by 2012, and now I find the Hindus, Hopi Indians and of course now the Kolbrin bible and its great big dirty planetoid called the Destroyer, with a name like that is it little wonder why Prozac is so in demand, I know I be reaching for the medicine cabinet, just to dull the monotone doom mongers.

Now I have given this much thought and have decided to do a end of days blog just for your benefit and what you will need to survive the coming apocalypse in 2012, so stay peeled, I will only say it once lol and once only, I have my own preparation to take care off.

So keep safe and don’t Panic as is told in the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.

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