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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Belated new year to ya all

Well a belated happy Yule and a prosperous new year to you all, and lets hope a great new year as well, I must admit it was ok for me, a bit quite which was ok, as far as I can tell, it was and fingers crossed will continue to be a good new year.

Well like the rest of the UK, we had snow to contend with lots of it, I particularly like the satellite photo of the UK from space covered in the white stuff, December brought home our little Oberon aka Obi, our lovable and pissy little puppy full of joy but has a water problem as all puppy’s do.

My on going fight with the DSS and benefits is now over thank god, I finally got them all fixed out, I know some people go kicking and screaming at them to get things done, to be truthful I was near that stage after 16 weeks well from the 13th of October 09 to Jan 19th 2010 a long time in coming but least its here now, and I got an interview with the Jobseekers tomorrow Friday, as well as a disability officer at the Job centre as well to contend with fingers crossed that it all works out.

Sitting one night watching telly with Fox, We could hear fire engines howl up the street, heading of to some place which sounded near to us, taking Obi out to the garden for his nightly pee, we always walk to the back of the garden, a smell hit my nose, the smell of burnt wood, it was quite strong, looking around I could not fathom out where it was coming from, but it hung in the air, like a warning, was the tavern or house on fire and I did not see it? Well looking around there was nothing a miss all was safe and well.

The next morning before Fox went off to work, we were having our cup of tea watching the news we found that a local Church was on fire, so that’s where the smell came from!

The Church called St Mary’s dates back to the 11th Century AD, the fire started and took the fire men nearly 5hours to make safe, thankfully they got there before it could take a grip but there is lots of smoke damage for the church to clean up, from the photos I took it seems that the fire was in the pews which ponders the question how did it start?

As yet there has been no information so far as to the cause, I just hope its not someone with a grip against the church, those these days that would not surprise me at all, after the catholic church’s recent and pass abuses.

Well Officially I am a village gossip, since moving to the village, I been just about stuck my nose into everything and lapping up gossip like its gone out of fashion.

But the most thing people talk about is the said church of the burning cross, and of course the snow, out side the village shop its like an ice rink, cars almost skin into the local, hair dressers who a nice but very gay guy called Stuart, not that it’s a problem no sir, I stayed in Brighton for many years.

I got a CCTV at the front of my property which lets me see and hear everything that is going on with in my boundaries, and I just over heard a bin man emptying my Recycle bin: fuck me Tom this fucker weighs a fucking tonne.

There’s a lot of FUCK in that bin man, me thinks

Let me talk a little about paranormal before I post this, as you would possibilly know there are so many paranormal programs on the telly these days?

Well ok I like most of them but I don’t half get bored of the same old screaming from investigators why investigate if your going to do this? It’s beyond me why that happens, but anyway I have been watching a paranormal program for the past week called scary but true, which is interesting, its done by kids yeah kids and god they would show those twats on MH, TAPS etc a thing or two about being brave and investigative.

There are two programs on during the week nights on CBS Reality +1 at 10pm if your got this channel on sky watch it its very good.

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