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Thursday, 19 November 2009

So far upto date and a pic of me posing haha

Well a recap on what’s been going on in me life for the past month, and a good reason why I have not been blogging as much as I would like, other than the fact that the weather is and will continue to be fucking mad as a barrel of spanners, I have not been getting out on my bike as much as I would like, much to the dismay of Tommy Two Wheels, we were meant to go out on Saturday but the roads were so wet here at Vailima, I did not want to take a chance in having a crash which I would knowing my luck.

For the past 4 or so weeks, I have been attending a course set up by the government Social Security namely or aptly named SeeTec, a group funded by the government to make you or what they like to say is help you back to work!

This has been my 4th week and to be bluntly truthful, it’s a waist of time for me, I travel 3 days a week into Harlow to attend this course full of people just like me, we given computers, papers and free tea and coffee at certain times, you get your travel expenses back which is good considering it costs me £4:30 return.

One good point is that I can go to the library every week for new books, I am studying finances as a choice since I can no longer do the work that I was trained to do, which was working in a hospital/nursing home. So most of my time I spend there I have my face buried in a book trying to keep up and remember lots of figures that would make an accountant jump with glee.

Not that I am a stranger to study, in fact I’m a life long student of some sort lol.

I have just found Twitter yes I’m catching up with you lot, I like it but you do have to cram in so much into 140 word message, but the real neat thing is, I can actually get it on my mobile phone so I can keep up with some selected people that I FOLLOW namely my little sis, the down side is to post a comment costs 10p a time which is ok, but being unemployed and at the moment getting no surport from the Jobseekers its been nearly 8 weeks since I signed on and as yet have had no money what so ever? I sign on tomorrow so it’s an early day at Seetec, I will have it out with them tomorrow I think see if I can get any joy from these people, knowing my luck, I get passed on again and again, I must make a mental note of is there a complaints procedure? And hope that gives them the shits or it’s a long long road for me.

I do intend to record all the conversations I have with the dss via my web cam so I can post it on youtube and send via Twitter to 10 Downing Street since I have its link, if I cant get joy I will lay it on hard for them and shame the swine.

Well Seetec is a good thing if your looking for a job, I cannot fault them on there dedication in at least being understanding on the plight of many unemployed workers out there, and the course is only 13 weeks, with attendance being for only 12 hours a week, but for me its only 6 hours since I have a dodgy ticker, but I would like to spend a bit more time there, since the passing of Zak my faithful doggie, I want to be out a bit more, I find that it’s a good reason to study a little more, with other people like minded, not that everyone there is after work, some people see it as a social thing and like to meet up talk just about everything except work, or what they have done for money in the past.

I just wish I could deal with benefits there but it’s not their place to advise or chase up unpaid benefits to its customers, if you can be called that when you’re unemployed.

I have heard that your supposed to be depressed when your looking for work, which is true if your at home musing over the lost life your throwing away, into the fires of oblivion, that you now frequent, I must admit that getting out is doing my confidence a little good, after the year I have had, its little wonder how I keep on going, for a lot of that I have fox to thanks she is my pillar of strength, the one I always turn to just to keep me right.

I did my bmi last night and I got to my target of losing 3lbs for a strange one, I actually wanted my photo to prove it, yeah I’m in tight leggings and tee with accompanying socks lol, talk about hard pressed I only did 12mins last night I really need to do 30mins a day just to keep to my new target of 6lbs over the next two months yeah I know Yule is coming up and its pudding time so I really must keep on target to achieve my next goal.

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