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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A new puppy?

Well no Seetec today, seems like the got the big guns there today, don’t know who or what they are, but interesting that they have got rid of all the unemployed guys and girls that frequent that place gone for the day, and its classed as a day that your there, the mind boggles at the unfairness of it all, I mean what have they got to be scared of, all the newspapers have gone, well they were nearly 2 weeks out of date, and they were wanting people to go to the Job center to pick up job descriptions yesterday, I just sat in my little group of 3 men and a tube of smarties and handed them around the table and chatted instead.

Seem like the new dog thing has come to a head, we no longer be going for little Alfie, the site that was dealing with him are really loopy, talk about a dog chasing its own tail, well the staff at All Dogs matter are as daft as that, we were pushed around so much that we had to withdraw from even going to visit Alfie which is a shame really I would have love to have had him with me, but what we have done instead is join a site that deals with dealers, breeders and a well organized dog site.

We have made contact with a Breeder about a 7month old male Tibetan Terrier yesterday we have as yet to receive a response to our email but I am sure its coming after all they want £400 for the puppy come young dog, which I hope is house trained, not that it matters I have wooden flooring, so any pee or shit is easy to clean haha.

Well I again called the DSS locality team, asking for Alison the person dealing with my case, and she asked me to phone today and guess what? She’s off today, now I’m a bit at a loss with what to do next, Vivian said that she give her a message to call me tomorrow morning to get it all fixed out, well since I have been signing on since 13th of October I don’t think I will hold my breath case I pass out, now what angers me is if I was an immigrant I would not be treated like this, so for all the tax paying I have done all my life, I’m being treated like a second rate citizen its so unfair, and yet I’m so lucky to have very and I mean very understanding relatives who have been so helpful over the past few months with food and handouts clothing etc.

You know I’m listening to the beach boys surfin’ USA and I’m feeling happy fuck knows why, the DSS matter is not over by a long shot, I feel like I have to be a pirate and shoot a few cannon balls at there stern and take the plunge into the ocean they call complaining and ask for a reason of why I’m a fucking second rate British shittizen (no I did not mean Citizen)

Well I been on Twitter for nearly or just over a week now, its not bad I can link photos and of course my blog as well, I noticed a jump in traffic coming here, so something must be working I just wish you would say something I like to know that your just as pissed of as me, or maybe your not and happy with your lot in life, well fair play to you my silent friend, I just hope that it stays that way.


  1. nice blog bro always intresting what you have to say i hope you and jac find the pup you both deserve
    as for the dss they are jus truly from a different planet matey.

  2. this is weird my comment went awol...

    I don't even remember what i said...

    Dogs are cute but the eat your suit!