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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

It's a dog's life!

So says the spoiled, thieving, cute and down right more clever than me mutt called Oberon aka Obi since he wandered into my life almost 5 years ago we both have went through some changes good, bad and well trying times almost like a roller coaster with no breaks, but his smile a Tibetan terrier smile is like no other, warm comforting and supportive which help with my emotional state, a lot more than I give him credit.
                      the first picture of my little boy how was I to know he now is my whole life

There is not a day that goes by I don't get a surprise or the tail end of his aggro, he one of those bull headed dogs that not only wants it all his way he do something to make it happen.. For instance going back maybe a year or so, I was on a very early walk with him, I walked down the hill and we spent the better part of a day just walking between Shoreham to Ovindean then back to Brighton Marina to get the 21 but to take us to the high flats...
                                 Looks like butter would not melt in his mouth, but it does

It was one of those nice days not overly hot nor cold and we had a long walk, I was tired thinking I can just turn off on the bus, now for my sins I forgot to bring treats which he expects on these long winding walks, but today I complacently forgot to collect them, I told him sorry, but as we got on the bus he gave me the cold treatment and laid on the floor of the bus and ignored me, dogs are very good at that.

He has 4 bowls with water but still would rather drink the stinking water from the fountain!

I was just starting to nod off, the trundling of the bus its swaying as it turned to leave the marina heading to Arundle road, can be a little twisty, lucky the bus was slow there was a lot of traffic for that time of day, I could feel my head starting to bounce up and down as my eyes grew so heavy, breathing heavy I felt my body slowly sway around I was actually enjoying the feeling and just staying with it, the peace was shattered.... Oi that's my fucking Brisket!


Sitting bolt upright It took a few seconds to gain my wits about me, in front of me, stands a tall well built man in his 50s with a face like thunder raising his voice again that's my bloody Brisket your damn dog has in its mouth, looking down I can see a big chunk of meat hanging from his chops, the shock of what he don't just hits me and we have a crazy tug of war, as I try to rescue the quickly disappearing hunk of meat, as the last remnants of the slippery, bloody and expensive mess slides down his throat I look at the guy, thinking Oh shit!
When I see this picture it makes me think of a Bengal tiger the great hunter of the Brisket 

That's the beautiful thing about Tibetan Terriers they look just so handsome, the males in particular talking about my experience of Obi, most people that know him say how manly he looks my dear friend Carola says you can see it in his eyes, the way he watches everything you do, true fact you can't open a packet of crisps and not expect him to come and investigate, it’s just him, he even knows the sound of the drawer I use to house his treats.
                                                            Put the light out daddy!

Well this is the first in a series of short story's all about my lovable, hairy rascal called Oberon aka Obi, see you all again soon. Woof!

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