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Monday, 7 July 2014

Hello Strangers it's me again

It's been a while... Since I last wrote here a lot of confusion a lot of anger and some at times a harsh reality what we will do to endure, life's curved ball... Disclosure of what who knows only God? There's been times my whole life felt meaningless­čś▒

A journey begins in chaos, but it has a light... A blessing in the form of a Dog all the way from Tibet a graceful  creature, but so full of mischief and cunning, that are a lesson in Love unconditionally, if we but take time to ponder, and yet these same dogs, cats, all that could be classed as Pet know well the pain we feel when parted from our loved ones. My dog is my child and as such deserves the same protection as I do.

All animals for proper assessment for temporary accommodation, there are many many people who have both well behaved and obedient should stay with the companion family at all costs no more discrimination of an other separate life form.. To us it's our loved one and I want your to help him or her as well.

My dog poses no threat to anyone simply be cause I have with trainers learned to handle my kid with both grace and excellent manners.

There needs to be a registration of animals that have been trained in obedience classes old archaic rules do not apply we are an evolving species we need to show compassion and wisdom, when dealing with our animals all domestic should have the chance to be safe in times of disaster and homelessness have the same rights as a human and should be treated as such with in reason. 

Shops must open doors to dogs that are in the Constant canine companions dogs trained to bronze silver and gold standard post no threat to human and a dog can be muzzled in a homeless hotel or B&B, and help keep the rescues re homing free for those that need it, keep the pet with the family.

To landlords all I can say is you are losing an opera try to increase your growth by not letting some residents have a beloved no problem pet your missing a market... Just saying. There are a lot of homeless with dogs, simply because you will not trust your heart do your self a favour and look up puppy farms, rehoming  and Pounds for Poundies, the end of the life if your lucky not for the want of trying and have a real cool name Lexy Fleeming, her passion really moved me, and I might need to talk to Richard Branson soon.  

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