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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

It’s all in the wrist!

I’m being cryptic its all in the wrist, mean’s many things to many different people, but to me it’s the way I will hold one of my many tool’s
for working around the garden, I am very hands on when it comes to planting.
And again it’s also how I hold the lead when walking Oberon aka Obi… A funny thing happened on Wednesday morning during Obi’s first morning walk, I chop and change his routine so he don’t get settled on wanting a walk this time, I leave a time frame of 20 min’s before or 20 after, a dog like Obi can be a demanding little pooch. Anyway I rambling, what happened was……
Going down Church Lane, with my lovely Obi he was sniffing around doing his usual routine of peeing at and on particular bushes and pathways, marking his way, there is a house.
I seldom see the people that stay there I know they have 3 dogs two pit bulls and one cocker spaniel, good natured dogs when I have bumped into them, not that often mind you I usually get a distinct un trusting of these dogs.
But as I was passing the gated property the gates started to open, how neat auto gates, a large dark blue Volvo was leaving to visit the local dog poo bin, the bin is located at St Mary’s church down the lane, but on the wing mirror I could see a heavy bag which looked like the woman driver did not notice it, I was frantically pointing to the swinging plastic Tesco bag, she caught my eye and she gave me a look of I don’t talk or take notice of Riff raff, I was shocked by this being an ex nurse working in mental health I can pick up on body gestures so well.
As the car passed me it hit one of the many Pot holes along the length of church land, the bag was dragged under the front wheel and ripped the wing mirror off and the bag and all its shitty content was spread over the road like it was a pâté, she shuddered to an abrupt halt, got out of the car, I kept my composure and said I did try to warn you, as she bent down to pick up all the shit, I did offer her some of my bags since a good few of the bags that was full was burst, and the plastic bag was torn apart.
I did not feel smug or anything but I did giggle going on my merry way to have a chat to Norman my friend at Wheelers farm, when I was coming back with Obi give the woman her dues she cleaned it up really well, and I do have a bit of respect knowing she cleans up after her dogs.
I have been having a great time eating all the strawberries so much so I have run out of Ice Cream big time.
Most of the Carrot’s, Onions, Kale and pea’s are growing at a good steady rate even with all the rain we have been having, there has been a lack of sunshine for the past month, the past two month’s have been the wettest on record, and all this happening on 2012 I just hope the Mayan’s got it wrong with all this end of the world stuff, even with all that water we are still on a hose pipe ban? Or as we call it in Essex the wettest drought ever!
On Tuesday 02/07/12 I have finally finished my trips to the dentist in Sawbridgeworth once and for all, and will not need another appointment for at least a year. Thank God!
Oberon has met two new friends dark brown Labradors one called Sam and the other Ella bring them together and you get salmonella lol I kid you not that’s the name of those dogs the male being much older by at least 2 years over Ella who is only 6 month’s old and as nearly big as Obi, but like good family type dogs not an ounce of aggression, they just want to play and sniff, the parent of Sam said that Lab’s tend to live to eat, and not eat to live was his excuse for Sam being a bit porky.

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