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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The cold caller

The cold caller It was just gone 7pm and a Sunday its very dark, and not a cloud in the sky when the door bell rang, I tend to move between the conservatory and sitting room Fox is doing some work on the laptop for an upcoming event. I look at fox she looks back and Obi stands pointing at the front door, not really knowing did I hear the door bell or not, it rings again… I put on the lobby light and gingerly open the front door, on the other side of the door stands a scruffy, dishevelled and intoxicated man, he tries to put my mind at rest but he nearly in my face, my fingers grip the door frame, as he thrusts a tatty old green care into my face even though its dark I can make no sense of what was on it. There was no picture of the scruffy fellow, but as soon as I smelled the Alcohol on his breath, my mind races how do I get rid of this unwanted intruder from my property? It don’t take long, we don’t use cash only cards in this house mate, that’s ok I can take a cheque no problem mate, sorry mate we only use card, Fox shout’s out tell him to fuck off were bloody busy, Oh the dragon speaks, I felt like flooring him but you never knows who’s waiting in the wings. He leaves and I have a look in the green room I keep the CCTV viewer there, and see him walk across the street and get into a car with at least a driver and pull of and drive up to Hatfield Heath about a mile up the road. In one word this whole episode is dodgy, and I intend to contact my community police officer this morning Tue 06/12/11. I was given this Link from the Essex Police who I find incredibly helpful when ever I have a quire or need a bit more of understanding on how to deal with crime no mater what. One can never be sure of who or what is on the other side of your front door, best to have a chain or a good porch light I just forgot to use mine but I do have CCTV but I have learn a valuable lesson, keep spiders at bay, these little critter love to spin a web over the lens simply because a lot of flying insects are attracted to the Infra red light emitted, which basically you can’t see the face of the caller too well, I expect the police could do more with it, but I have reported it and had a word around the village to see if any one else has had a caller which s few houses have there was actually 3 different men all reeking of booze, and one was driving. Ummm not nice is it. So be safe be careful, and if in doubt don’t open up your door and keep 999 ON speed dial.


  1. Sound advice Arrmand, I hate it when people knock on my door when it is dark outside. Hope who-ever was cruising your area is well and truly miles away and not bothering anyone else. xxxxx

  2. Scary stuff! I always use the chain when it's someone I don't know. It's good a few things happened. 1: Obi was present. He's a very good guard dog I've seen him in action. He was very good when me and Fox went out to confront the van driver with our knifes! :P

    2:Fox shouting indicating that there were more than one person in the house. A lot of these cold callers will try to find out if an old person is by themselves. If so then they force their way in and take everything.

    Use the chain.

    I never open the door after dark. In the summer anyone that calls after 5pm who i don't know will not be answered.

    The person at your door was not a cold caller he was a criminal. It seems that your village is a target. I can only imagine because they have had success in the past.

    Keep up to date in the cafe.

    With your business be careful with who answers that Ad. Gangs will use people to gain access to your home in any way they can.

    Also another thing you should consider. You have a set time of walking the dog. If someone is observing you they will know all the times you will be out of the house. Make some of your walkings sporadic. Instead of taking obi out at 9am take him at 8am. Make his walks longer and shorter. Go on different walks so that the observer will have no idea how long you will be gone.

    Get a better security system.

    Set up your own boobytraps.

    If all else fails set up one of the rooms to look like you are a Ninja or become a Ninja. :D

  3. Good comment Nicola, and yes very helpful too, see a sister is for life and not just Yule lol, It seems they were at all the doors on the street, and most of them smelt of Alcohol, I remember the last time they came a house was broken in to a week or two later lucky I kept the video, I give it to the police if it happens again.

    We going to get a wireless camera at the front door with voice so it gets a good picture of the persons there, and it will record every thing that is said.

    As always Anni thank you for your continued support of my blog your a star love ya xxxx