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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Health and movement.

You know the more I dance the more I have a deeper appreciation of music past and present, just this week, I've found a great album and re-discovered a old favourite singer of mine her music is just so tango well some of it. Not all music is suitable for a sensual dance like Tango, but just every now and the pen someone plays a track you remember from the past and.... Wham! That be great to tango to! Over the past couple of weeks I've been using an app called Tune-in radio at first it was just to listen to one of my live UFO shows and I started to tinker with the various radio stations and found a few tango stations in actual Argentina and Germany! Yeah Germany it's big there and my teacher is German so it makes seance. The first bolt out of the great and hard as nails Grace Jones's classic Walking in the Rain and I've seen that face before, so powerful is the image it leaves I can dance it all in my head, some of the other tracks of note pull up to the bumper and La Vie En Rose a wee bit long but worth an arch or two. One group I've heard of but never listened too is Massive Attack Mezzanine why am I only hearing them now? I find its great to play on the beach watching obi run around like a loonies, I can practice to it but I find I am no longer doing tango to it but something else! For the past week I've been practicing the 4-6-8 step and going into cross space to get the follower to do the arches and the kink is getting her to cross leg before going back to the 4-6 step, I think I've sussed it at last. I will practice a lot more tonight at the dance class, so I might go early the class has been a little on the thin side with all this nice weather I am not suprized, although I am not one for standing in line for a partner, I just hope there is a balanced crowed tonight. There is a flash mob on Saturday at the jubilee library in Brighton I like to dance but will turn up and hope for the best and also I will want to take photos as well so I might only do one flash mob and the next one which is in Churchill square I will photograph this one and we off to the bandstand for a Malonga yay. What a result I got a paint of second had leather souled shoes for £6.50 out of the Sussex Beacon the AIDS Charity shop, I'm so over the moon I'm going to try them out at tonight's dance class. That was a bad move, I stepped on the foot of Isabella my foot shot forward like a palaris missile, poor girl jumped up and down a million times, I wish the ground would open up and just swallow me. On a nice note I met up with Kim my best friend in the world who does practice with me poor girl I wore her socks out lol, we or she got me involved in Ballroom now so not only am I now doing Argentine Tango I am also doing Ballroom!

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