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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Vailima at last

Well it’s upon us! The move to Vailima has finally begun, well over the past few days we have been moving back and forth taking all our belongings from the temp accommodation in Roydon, to the village as its now known as I will explain in due time.

I don’t know if I said that one of my pet treats I got since we moved from Brighton was a new bike? A Gilera Cougar 125cc easy rider well if not then umm ok and just to let you know that I booked my CBT exam with my little brother Glen for next week, and to think that I am in the village and my nice chrome bike is back in Roydon getting all wet, since last night its been thunder storm one after the other and today’s not looking too good either from time to time it seems the rain is pounding on the roof, my fear is some roof falling in not really knowing the cottage to well, but fingers crossed its all good.

Well how best to describe what Vailima looks like? Ok it’s a small cottage two bedrooms in the heart of the village, a main road runs no more than 40ft from the door, a few bushes hides us from the passing cars trucks and buses and locals walking there mutts. An odd jet can be heard lets face it this is Standstead country and the airport dominates at least 20miles circular of the airport.

As god is my witness, I have been living in a virtual bomb site for the past 2 and a half months, and yet Vailima with all its nooks and crannies is home, the kitchen my room (yep I love to cook and bake) looks something out of one of those honey I ruined the house telly programs!

But it takes time yep time to fix it all out, and even the poor telescope has had a drenching after last nights thunderstorm, thought it was not as bad as the previous night’s fireworks light fantastic, I curled up on the two seated and just watched the lightshow and thunder, under the safety of the vine enclosed lean to come patio.

Now I have to get all the utilities installed and signed over to me, gas and electric was a breeze no problem, even sky was a doddle, a quick phone called and its done, now a company I have been with for many years’ royally screws up and that company IS?

Virgin yep for many years I have hand my telly, broadband and telephone with them, now Vailima is not in a fibre-optic region and I can only get Broadband 8mb and telephone, I just hope I can play World of Warcraft or its back to Brighton lol only kidding, I like the place where we are and as soon as I get my full internet I will post photos of Vailima for all to see and even give you its history.

Well its back to the grind of un-packing the multitude of boxes that’s taking up one whole room, and I just run out of bubble gum Damn!

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  1. Congrats bro on the new hooose now wheres ma donkey....